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Now It’s The Selfies….In The Adult World.

Now it is 2017 and social media is literally taking over. If you are reading this blog in the first place you are living in the adult world. Well, if you’re like me, you are “adulting” with the best of your abilities most days. I didn’t start this blog because I was trying to join the young population. I started this blog to reach the generation that still has some common sense left in their damn heads. I am talking about those people in their 30’s who can remember when Facebook was merely for college students. Do you remember when it was unheard of for your grandmother to have Facebook? I don’t want it to seem like I don’t enjoy having my grandmother on Facebook, that is not what I am getting at. I am just talking about a time back when social media was for the carefree. It wasn’t taken to a whole notha level.

It all started with the random college party posts. Those pictures you posted for all of your college friends and you didn’t have to worry about your family, colleagues, or grandmother seeing your awesome keg stand last weekend.

Then it progressed to the status updates to mention of the random parties you were planning on attending…no drama…no hate. These were just posts talking about where you were going , what you were going to do, & who was buying the beer. Maybe you posted about the killer time you had last night and tagged who attended. That is all. You did not post about your marital misfortunes or your child shitting up his back. You posted about carefree stuff, fun stuff, stuff people read and went, “whoa, that looks like fun” and moved the hell on! They didn’t screen shot that! Jesus!

Call me old Y2K fashioned but I miss those days. Now, we have the God FORSAKEN Selfies! I am all about a good selfie. I know when your shit is on point and you’re a mom and your shit is never on point so you feel the need to snap a selfie and post that shit because the world needs to see that! It never happens! So when it does it needs to be shared, liked, retweeted, hashtagged, & so on. I am totally with you, but when you do a daily selfie, when your shit is supposedly on point everyday, in your car, at your office, in your bathroom, from your kids ball game, etc. NO! That doesn’t happen. I am sorry. When you are in your 30’s and later it is not okay to give it the ole duck face pose in front of your reverse camera and then post that shit. Ladies, when you have hit that point that is attention seeking.

Now, this may sound like I am bashing you, I promise I am not. I am giving you healthy adulting advice. This is not frikin normal. If you have to post, “selfie of the day” you are lacking some self confidence or attention somewhere. Someone, somewhere is not doing their damn job. You need to look deep inside of yourself and tell yourself you look good…without the duck bill. I don’t know, try a smile….with some teeth. Try that on for size. Then maybe you can attract a real man, with real values, and he can give you the right attention. I see these selfies and I feel sorry for these women. These women who are 30 something, standing in their dirty ass bathroom, wearing their mom cardigan, smooshing their damn lips together, tilting their damn head sideways, & don’t forget the snap chat filter! That is some sad shit. You know you have done it and you know we have all been there. Now, let us all make a motion to make a change and start smiling and taking no duck face, unfiltered through snap chat photos. Unless you are sending them to your friends, because we all need those friends to send our personal selfies to. Just keep that shit private.

You are all beautiful just the way you are you do not need the extra bullshit duck billed, butterflies on your head, or pirate makeup. You are rocking the adult glam more than you know. Don’t hate getting older. The young girls look dumb doing it too.

-Keep On Adulting, or Tryin To!


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