via Daily Prompt: Abrupt

When you think of the word abrupt you think of your entire world moving or shifting in a matter of seconds….well this is at least what I think of. It is one of those pivots I have talked about before. These moments where nothing will look, feel, sound, smell, or ever seem the same again. This happens sometimes so fast and abruptly you have to see these moments from hindsight. 

Yesterday was one of those days you were reminded of the word ABRUPT! We were picking up dinner and we had our youngest son with us. We learned that a close friend of the family lost their entire home in a house fire. I was so very sad for them. I started to reflect on my own family and my own home. I was thinking of their three children. I was thinking of how they just moved in. They moved into their new home the same time we moved into ours. It caused me to realize that life happens so fast and we don’t realize how fragile we are. We are sometimes so powerless when these abrupt things happen.

I started to ponder what it must feel like to lose absolutely everything and have to know that you will be starting over again. I know it probably wouldn’t be so bad with a husband and wife. I cannot imagine losing everything of my children’s though. In a matter of minutes you have lost years of memories, hard work, time spent, and investments you cannot get back. Yes, I realize it is just, “things”. A house is so much more though. Your home is so much more than wood, items you own, and concrete. Your home is who you are, the memories you keep, & the person you have grown from. Now, unless you are like my sister and you purge every other month and do not keep anything from your childhood or teenage years. She’s a freak of nature though. I need to be more like her- less hoarder, more purger.

Bottom line….. Abrupt happens in our life all of the time. Without these moments life would be boring and never, “happen”. These good and bad things come as fast as they go. We as humans deal with them, overcome them, & move on. This is what life is made up of. All these long monotonous moments, short abrupt moments (good & bad) how we handle those moments, & and back to our reg monotonous moments…the cycle continues.

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