Screen Time…

I am not sure where this mood struck me, maybe it’s the 4 children I have living under my roof. We have a lot of screens. I always thought I would be that mom that limited “screen time”. I am to a certain degree. It is kind of unspoken though. We don’t have screens, cell phones or Ipads at dinner. We are hungry people who focus on the meal and we like each other so we still talk to each other (they arent teenagers yet). My kids still play outside all summer so screen time is decreased tremendously! They never have a device in their face during those warm days. Nor can they find them to be honest.

My question really is for you all. What is the deal with the adults? I heard something the other day that sparked something in me. A co-worker of mine said people are actually not making memories because of screen time. They are relying solely on their devices to remember memories and store them for their brains. Could this be possible? I know I feel like it is possible. Our phones have replaced so many things.

I don’t even physically go into the grocery store anymore. That is a whole other article and it is AMAZING! Thank you Kroger Click-List! I am just curious, has anyone actually given any thought to not making memories because they take their phones with them everywhere and snap pictures of everything and they forget to program it into their brains?

I for one am a picture person. I love having them, looking back on them, royally suck at getting them printed, but ultimately LOVE them! Can I possibly be jeopardizing my own cognitive ability to recall certain events?

Asking for a friend!

I know being a mom of four children I am lucky I remember my pants some days. I pack entire lunches and forget them. I literally walk into rooms and dont know why in the world i went in there.

Exactly my version of laundry too!

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