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Kroger Click List

If you enjoy picking out your own fruits and veggies this post is not for you! If you don’t enjoy the crowds and long lines, the cold air in the winter time, lugging your groceries to your vehicle, or just plain walking around aimlessly aisle to aisle looking for shit you have no idea what you’re looking for. You are in the right place. I am about to tell you about the greatest discovery moms have made since the “strap your baby to your body” aparatus or the to-go coffee cup! I don’t know, but it’s huge! You want to know why? Because! It’s a damn life saver when you don’t want to take every single human you gave birth to into the public! I don’t care if you are the, feed your kid chicken nuggets five nights a week mom or the, oh no it’s all organic mom. NO MOM LIKES GROCERY SHOPPING THAT MUCH! Your ass is lying if you say you do so with that being said follow these simple tips if you have not yet tried this glorious app!

I use the Kroger app, download that bad boy and sign-up. You may already have the Kroger plus card, sign in with that account,

Go to the shop icon and start shopping! Do not just make a LIST, this does not actually place items into your cart.

Once you have everything in your shopping cart you want (if you didn’t find something you needed you can use the search bar to find an item) proceed to checkout. You can choose your window for pickup here also.

I always choose to allow substitutions. That is obviously a personal choice. It is never a big deal to me.

I also don’t mind them choosing my fruits and veggies for me. They always usually choose items that are more fresh and the meat is always packaged to perfection.

Happy Shopping! This is the most energy efficient way to provide my family with food. Otherwise grocery shopping for six steals my sanity!

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